Friday, January 3, 2014

A Daily Dose of Gratitude

In yoga, we practice SANTOSA, which means contentment.  According to B.K.S. Iyengar, "Contentment has to be cultivated.  A mind that is not content, cannot concentrate."  The yogi feels the lack of nothing (does not want) and so he/she feels naturally content.  Contentment gives bliss.

 Fifteen years ago, my husband dragged me across the country kicking and screaming so he could continue his education at Arizona State University.  I am forever grateful to him for his foresight.  Since that time, life has been a giant roller coaster ride of adventure, with every curve just as exciting as the last.  It's easy to be grateful for the big, life-altering events.  The real challenge is finding gratitude in the mundane tasks of day to day life.

Today I am grateful for...
  • The Beverly Hilton vs. Beverly Hills Sofitel Debacle.  On our recent trip to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl, we booked a 3-night package through a company called Prime Sports.  When our tickets arrived, our reservations had been changed from the Sofitel to the Hilton without our knowledge.  My husband was displeased because we booked a fourth night on our own, which meant we were now going to have to change hotels...not the end of the world but certainly an inconvenience.  Thank God for the inconvenience!  The Beverly Hilton was 1000% better than the Sofitel.  I am grateful that we only stayed one night in the cramped space of the Sofitel!
  • Our tickets for the 2013 Rose Bowl were in an end zone (tunnel 10) looking into the sun from the 75th row out of 77.  While I would have loved to be on the 50 yard line in any of the rows below the tunnels, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to just be there. 
  • There were over 90,000 people in attendance at this years Rose Bowl.  I am grateful for the camaraderie extended to all Spartans by both Michigan State and Stanford fans alike.
  • As I watched my children play together in the hotel pool, I felt grateful that in times of isolation, they know they always have each other.
  • With a very bumpy 5 hour flight home from California, I am grateful to be safely on the ground, back to my very boring life of doing countless loads of laundry.

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