About Me

Since graduating college in 1994, I've lived in 9 different cities in 6 different states; all in two different countries on opposing sides of the globe.  The longest time spent in one location being 4 years in Shanghai, China, which coincidentally happens to be where I attended my first yoga class. 

Besides being a late-blooming yogini, I am a wife to one and a mom to two.  I am a treasure seeker and love to dig and explore yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets and antique and architectural salvage yards for found objects that inspire me.  I also enjoy hiking and gardening because the only thing better than coming to the mat to breathe is being outdoors breathing fresh air filtered by the warmth of the sun.

This blog is intended to chronicle my journey from yoga student to yoga teacher.  It will be used as a tool to organize my thoughts and help me delve deeper into the mystery that is yoga.  It will give me a platform to research and answer my own questions, strengthening my foundation and deepening my practice.  If in the process I inspire even one person to come to a mat and breathe, I will have succeeded.


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